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Many families have asked us for suggestions about how to continue engaging with science, technology, engineering and maths whilst the science centre is closed. To date, we have put together four mini projects, each containing six possible activities covering:

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You can pick and choose which activities to try. Whilst each activity can be completed by children of all ages, younger children will need support with some tasks. Older children (and adults) will find that the Questions and Research Ideas box challenges them; you may need to use secondary sources to find the answers. Teachers, please feel free to use these projects with your students.

We are developing ideas for further projects (including theme parks). In the mean time, we would love to get your feedback on these resources. Please share photos of your projects on our social media channels with #CSGatHome or email us with your thoughts.

The first project is called: The King's Crown

The second project was inspired by the mathematician Emmy Noether and is all about symmetry.

The third project is about space and brings together experiments that you will have seen before. You, too, can be inspired by these resources from the Royal Society of Chemistry and Cambridge University.

The fourth project is about "terrible lizards", as Richard Owen first named them. We know them as dinosaurs.

To compile these cross-curricular projects, we have drawn on a number of resources, including: "Connecting Primary Maths & Science: A Practical Approach" by Alan Cross and Alison Borthwick (particularly p21"The king has lost his crown!") and "A Creative Approach to Teaching Science" by Nicky Waller.