Cheltenham Festivals

During the 2018
Cheltenham Science Festival 
we were in the MakerShack making slime -
lots of slime!

From Tuesday 5th until Sunday 10th June we made over 140 litres of slime with over 9000 visitors to the MakerShack.
It wasn't just kids, many grown-ups had a go during the adult-only session on the Friday evening.

Well done to Dave, Shaun and all of our volunteers for being super efficient!

On Saturday 11th June, we were part of the rainforest themed Early Years' Discover Zone at the 2016 Cheltenham Science Festival

We tested different theories about what makes gecko feet special. We looked at how trees in the rainforest have adapted to the environment by comparing the surface area of leaves native to the UK and to the Amazon using rubbing plates made by A. Ison Art. Thanks to sponsorship from Cheltenham College Preparatory School, we copied nature by building tall towers with buttress roots.

Thanks to funding from the British Ecological Society, we were able to follow this up by visiting five local EYFS settings to investigate food webs. Come to our summer pop-up science centre in August to see their amazing art work.

On Sunday 4th and 11th October, we celebrated Alice in Wonderland at the 2015 Cheltenham Literature Festival

We enjoyed making the Cheshire Cat disappear using either coloured filters or invisible ink. We investigated magnetic breaking as Alice fell down (and down and down) the rabbit hole. We experienced the wonder of different dimensions using Mobius strips like Charles Dodgson (a.k.a. Lewis Carroll).

On Saturday 6th June we had lots of free hands-on activities for children under 7 at the 2015 Cheltenham Science Festival

Everybody had fun launching balloon rockets, building plasticine boats, making chromatography butterflies, designing magnetic racers and engineering a successful marble run.


Thanks to the Royal Society of Chemistry for giving us a small grant from their Outreach Fund.