Father's Day 2017

The winning team
with their wind turbine

Dads working with their kids on a STEM challenge to celebrate Father's Day

Visitors to the science centre in Coronation Square took part in an engineering competition on Saturday 17th June 2017.


Competitors were allowed to use a variety of recycled materials to build a wind turbine that was capable to lifting a load of 60 grams from the floor to the table. Each team, spent time testing and improving their model before the turbine was officially timed. Common problems included the string getting caught up with the blades or the wind being too strong and pushing the blades over. Each team solved these issues in different creative ways. However, the modification that separated the two fastest wind turbines from the rest, was the size of the bobbin. Whereas, most of the models wound the string about a thin piece of dowel, these two used a bobbin with a wider diameter so that the load was lifted after fewer complete revolutions.


The winning turbine, built by Rachel (12) and her dad (Steve), lifted the load in 1.87 seconds. In second place, with 2.22 seconds, were Jorja (9) and her mum (Alison). The next fastest took over six and a half seconds. The prizes (including a set of magnets, a pocket volcano, glow-in-the-dark planets and a slime making kit) that were donated by Waterstones Gloucester will be shared between these two teams.