Enabling the public to



and enjoy

hands-on science

Cheltenham Science Group CIC relies on grants, sponsors and donations to keep our prices low so that we can reach new audiences. We are currently seeking £10,000pa funding to cover the rent on our hands-on science centre in the deprived Hester's Way neighbourhood.



Donations in kind




The Summerfield Trust has awarded us £9,000 towards the rent of our unit in the deprived neighbourhood of Hester's Way in Cheltenham (May 2018). This will allow us to keep admission fees down so that we can continue to attract families from the local who have not previously engaged with informal science.


The Comino Foundation has awarded £10,000 towards open-ended loose part exhibits. Some of these have been commissioned and already in the science centre; for example our programmable LEGO and Sphero, our gear wall, our vertical wind tunnel, our Jacob's Ladder and our bucket speaker. We are currently working with product design students at the University of Gloucestershire to create a marble run. 


In January 2018, we were awarded £4,757 from the Comic Relief Local Communities fund to pay wages for one admin day per week and cover other core costs such us insurance.

We are using a grant of £1,525 from the Institute of Physics to fund our events at the 2018 Cheltenham Children's Festival, including a new exhibit which will form part of our permanent exhibition.

Thanks to a grant for £2,692 from the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner, we run a STEM club for young people identified by the Aston Project.

The British Science Association funded a £1,000 project with Gloucestershire Girl Guiding for British Science Week 2017.

In September 2016, UnLtd awarded us a Do It Award of £5,000 to cover start-up costs.

The Honourable Company of Gloucestershire donated £1,000 in 2017 for furniture for the science centre.

The British Ecological Society funded outreach visits to 5 early years' settings in West Cheltenham to support the Early Years' Discover Zone at the 2016 Cheltenham Science Festival (£600).

The Royal Society of Chemistry gave us a small grant (£750) to fund our 2015 early years events at Cheltenham and Sidmouth Science Festivals.



The Oldham Foundation have donated £500 towards Ozobots for us to use as part of our robot club.

Spirax Sarco are here to help you make the most out of steam and thermal energy. Steam is an essential part of modern day life, used in virtually every industry, for heat and sterilisation processes. From the production of drinks, to bottle washing, through to textiles and even to keep your leisure centre swimming pool warm.

Part of their passion is to spark interest in STEM subjects, through partners such as us, to inspire the next generation of engineers. We are working with their Year in Industry students and Early Career graduates to develop primary outreach. In return, they have sponsored us with £5,000 to help transform the empty retail unit into a science centre. Keep up to date with their industry news, and their work with STEM @Spirax_Sarco_UK.

Gloucestershire Engineering Training have sponsored our advertising in 2016 and again in 2017. Look out for the volunteer t-shirts and banner they funded (£1,000).


The University of Gloucestershire sponsored the sign writing for our outreach van (£225).

Cheltenham College Preparatory School supported our work with early years during summer 2016, particularly at the Cheltenham Science Festival (£300).

In partnership with The Cotswold Perfumery, we have developed a new exhibitabout the science of smell.





We have run two successful crowdfunding campaigns. In February 2016, 21 backers pledged £1,500 towards new exhibits. In December 2017, 28 backers pledge £1,415 towards installing a disabled toilet at the science centre.