Gloucestershire Libraries

We continue to partner with Gloucestershire Libraries on a number of events. 

During the 2019 Easter holiday, Dave led crafty space workshops at Gloucester, Stroud and Coleford libraries

As well as making balloon rockets, we created images of constellations and galaxies - we even had some black holes! The libraries are very much looking forward to this year's Space Chase Summer Reading Challenge organised by the Reading Agency.

During the 2017 summer holidays we visited libraries in Stroud and Tewkesbury to judge the Royal Society Young People's Book Prize

Seren (2) liked 'A first book of animals' by Nicola Davies because "snail has [camper] van like grandma".


Mivvy (4) liked 'This Little Pebble' by Anna Claybourne. Mum said "it's innovative; you don't get many books about geology"


Max (8) liked 'If... a mind-bending way of looking at big ideas & numbers' especially the drawings of animals and discovering when stuff was invented.


Saudah (12)'s favourite was Adam Frost's 'The awesome body book' as it contained, "Info you wouldn't really learn in school."

Olivia (6) awarded '100 Things I would like to know about space' 21/20.

Morgan (11) & Freddie (11) liked Prof R Winston's 'Home Lab' best as it had, "Stuff you can do at home with not much stuff". This book turned out to win the overall competition.

For British Science Week 2017, we visited Up Hatherley and Bishops Cleeve libraries

Inside we fired catapults and made straw rockets. Outside we tested red cabbage indicator with vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. We also launched popper rockets with fizzy tablets and water.

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On Thursday 27th October 2016, we working with the Reading Hacks at Stroud library to run a "Motion and Explosions Day"

Dan (17) and Ella (15) met with Dave Watson a couple of weeks before the event to choose their favourite hands-on science activities. Their top five included parachutes, catapults, balloon rockets, popper rockets and helicopters. It turned out that these were also popular with the families that came to experiment.

Reading Hack is a national programme led by 13-24 year olds to encourage young people to use the library, volunteer, inspire others to read and organise activities. Previously, the volunteers at Stroud have helped run the summer reading challenge.

On Tuesday 30th August 2016, visitors to Hester's Way library helped judge the Royal Society Young People's Book Prize

Throughout the day, Sam Dear from Gloucestershire Libraries read out extracts from the six shortlisted books and then the visiting young people had an opportunity to look through the books themselves before rating each book according to how easy it was to read, its layout, interest and appeal.

The overall winner today was “The Usborne Official Astronaut's Handbook” by Louie Stowell and illustrated by Roger Simo. After all, as it says in chapter one, “Who wouldn’t want to float around in space, gazing back at our gorgeous blue planet, and zooming to work on a speeding rocket?” We have submitted our winner. Then we have to wait until November, once all of the judging panels have submitted their results, to see which book will will the £10,000 prize.