Nature in Art


We had Festive Fun at Nature in Art on 19th December 2015, celebrated National Insect Week 2016 with a Bee Bonanza on Saturday 25th June 2016 and returned for their Discovery Day on Friday 30th August 2019.

Bee Bonanza (June 2016) Thanks to some fantastic volunteers from the Aston Project, we were able to dissect irises to see how important pollinators are for flowers to be able to reproduce. In between the thunder storms, we sent families out into the garden to pretend to be scout honey bees. Once they had found the sources of nectar hidden around the garden, they had great fun performing a waggle dance when they got back to tell us where the nectar was!

You can build your own cartesian diver. You need an empty bottle and a diver. We used a LEGO santa.
When you squeeze the bottle,
you compress the  trapped air,
so the diver sinks. When you let go,
the air will expand so it floats again.

Have you made a thaumotrope?

Fold a piece of card in half.

Draw one part of the image on one side and the rest of the image on the back. Tape in a pencil and rub your hands together to twist the images.

After you blow out a candle,
you can light it without touching the wick. The flame will jump because of the vapourised wax.