Sidmouth Science Festival

We have had four fabulous visits to Sidmouth Science Festival and are looking forward to 2019!

In October 2015, we visited Sidmouth Science Festival and made chromatography butterflies, kaleidoscopes and magnetic racers.

We investigated our reaction times

We tested CD hover cars

In 2016, we returned to investigate speed. We were very lucky with the weather and had a beautifully sunny day at the Norman Lockyer Observatory. As well as building cotton reel racers and CD hover cars, we used blindfolds and ear defenders to compare our reaction times when we could only use our ears or eyes. We also discovered that the mass of an object does not affect how fast it falls by dropping plastic eggs into sand and we experimented with different variables that affect how far a toy car can travel.

We built structures
with cardboard and Makedo

We extinguished candles

In 2017, our theme was the atmosphere. To demonstrate air pressure, we imploded cans and we also made some carbon dioxide which we then used as a fire extinguisher. Families had great fun working together to make flying machines out of cardboard using our Makedo tools.


We investigated simple machines
with our gear wall

We experimented with weaving and looked
at different fabrics under the microscope

In 2018, we were lucky enough to be out of the rain in the brand new extension. We had a mixture of activities including thaumotropes, chromatography and investigating simple machines using hydraulics and gears.