Forging links

between local

STEM-based businesses

and the community

Thank you for expressing an interest in supporting us. You may have many questions. Hopefully we have addressed most of them here but if not, please contact us.

Why does Cheltenham need this?

Who benefits?

What support is needed?

How will I benefit?

How could I support you?



1) A national shortage of STEM skilled staff

Professor Adam Hart from the University of Gloucestershire says, "If 2020 has taught us anything it is the importance of science. And we are going to need science even more as we head into the future - after all, it isn't just pandemics we need to fix. The Cheltenham Science Centre is such an important part of the process of inspiring and teaching the next generation of scientists.


It has been a tough year for sure, but with your support in 2021 the Cheltenham Science Centre can go from strength to strength and carrying on doing the wonderful mix of science and fun that it has perfected."

STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. 10% of the world’s top scientific research is conducted in the UK, whilst turnover from engineering is £800 billion per year. The South West has 9% of all engineering establishments but already 22% of them are reporting skills shortages. We need to act.


To support the growth of business in Gloucestershire, we need to encourage young people to study STEM subjects so that our workforce possesses the skills and knowledge that we need, for example:

  • Scientists to research diseases such COVID-19, Alzheimers and Cancer.

  • ICT specialists to battle cybercrime and terrorism at GCHQ and G4S Technology Ltd.

  • Engineers to develop alternate power sources, like Hydrogen Fuel Cells, with GE Aviation, Moog and Safran.

  • Mathematically literate workers to function in every sector, not just science but also insurance and financial services; such as Ecclesiastical Insurance and Endsleigh Insurance Services Ltd.


2) To forge links between the Cyber Central hub in the new Golden Valley development and the local community

Nick Sturge MBE BEng CDir FRSA, adviser to the Golden Valley Development, says, “The supply of diverse talent – people of all ages, skills and backgrounds – are crucial to a vibrant economy in cyber-tech. Businesses, small and large, need different approaches to products and markets and so we are delighted to be working with CSG to help citizens of Cheltenham and Gloucestershire unlock their potential and be part of Cyber Central, at the heart of the Golden Valley Development.” (December 2020)

We are excited about the prospect of a brand new visitor attraction at the heart of the Golden Valley development - the home of Cyber Central UK.

3) To regenerate deprived neighbourhoods in West Cheltenham

Alex Chalk MP says: "In just a few short years, Cheltenham Science Group has had a hugely positive impact on our town. It has brought the joy of learning and discovery to hundreds of children in Cheltenham, and continues to help drive the regeneration of Coronation Square. 

It is science that will drive our fightback against COVID-19. CSG is playing its part in inspiring the pioneers and expert scientists of the future"

Having renovated an empty retail unit in Coronation Square, we are helping to regenerate West Cheltenham by encouraging new visitors into the area and increasing footfall for local businesses. We are also providing volunteering opportunities for local young people to support their CVs and help improve their social mobility.



Children, young people, schools and teachers benefit from a close relationship with us as we support the delivery of the new STEM curriculum. This outreach will be available to schools across Cheltenham and the three counties of Gloucestershire, Worcestershire and Herefordshire. This support will, in turn, continue to improve attainment and increase uptake of STEM subjects and increase applications in apprenticeships. This will help tackle the national problem of a shortage of STEM skilled staff.


Parents and adult learners benefit from increased opportunities to experience, investigate and enjoy hands-on science. As well as providing something to do on a rainy afternoon, this will help tackle concerns over limited scientific literacy in the community.


Local businesses will benefit from increased brand awareness and positive publicity as they support our project both financially and with services in kind as part of their corporate social responsibility. Their staff will not only enjoy opportunities to volunteer, they will also be able to identify potential recruits as they undertake outreach in the community. This increased investment of time and money will help regenerate the deprived neighbourhoods of West Cheltenham so that businesses in Coronation Square will directly benefit from increased footfall.


As you can see from the pie charts showing our income and outgoings in 2019, we rely on grants and donations in order to keep our admission prices low so that the science centre is accessible to all families. In 2020, our income from visitors and outreach events has been severely affected by COVID-19. Thanks to the £10,000 COVID-19 grant payment in April 2020, we have been able to cover our premises and utilities costs for 2020.

1) Premises. Going forward, we need to secure £10,000pa to cover rent and utilities. This is paid quarterly. Could you donate £2,500 to ensure our hands-on science centre continues to operate in the heart of the deprived Hester's Way community for another 3 months?


2) Exhibits. We received £10,000 funding from the Comino Foundation for open-ended, loose part exhibits in 2016. This has provided our gear wall, vertical wind tunnel and Lego WeDo kits. In order to expand our Code Club and Robot Clubs, we need funding for tablets and accessories (£5,000).

3) We are motivated by making science accessible to all ages, genders and economic backgrounds. We are especially keen to see an increased uptake in those going on to complete STEM based apprenticeships, A levels and degrees who are female and from lower income backgrounds. Therefore, we need funding for outreach to local schools and community groups. £350 would pay for a day of workshops at a local primary school and for £400 we could stay longer in order to run an after-school session with the science centre exhibits to engage parents and children together, thereby building family science capital.


4) Funding for staffing costs. At present, the science centre relies on volunteers. By sponsoring an additional member of staff (£25,000), you would enable us to reach more communities and provide STEM outreach across the three counties of Gloucestershire, Worcestershire and Herefordshire.

5) We have to spend money on administration costs (e.g. accountants). Could you volunteer your time to help us with these skills?



Companies, trusts or individuals who contribute to a science centre in Cheltenham, will be benefitting our town, county and country now and in the future by inspiring more young people to pursue STEM careers.

As well as showing corporate social responsibility, your company logo will be displayed in the centre and on our website. Along with positive media coverage, this will improve the brand awareness of your company. Your staff will appreciate opportunities to volunteer in their local community whilst you are able to identify potential talent. In addition, a representative will be invited to special events.

Read more about how other companies have supported us here.



​If you are able to give your time to volunteer for us, please complete an application form.

If you or your company could support us financially, please contact Dave. Any support would be gratefully received and will be used to fund the ongoing work of this not-for-profit organisation.


Whether you are in the lucky position to be more generous or just able to support us in a small way, these are some of the ways that you could invest in our project:

  1. Premises - in order to continue providing services, we need £10,000pa. This includes rates and utilities. Your name or company logo would be on the window of the centre and on all advertising materials.

  2. Exhibits - we are keen to expand our Code Club and Robot Clubs by purchasing more tablets and Lego WeDo kits. For £5,000, your name or company logo would be displayed on the information poster and social media posts associated with these clubs.

  3. School outreach programme - for £2,000, your company could fund 5 full day visits to local schools with after-school sessions for families from the local community. Additionally, as part of this package, your staff could develop their communication skills by volunteering at the workshops.

  4. Sponsor a member of staff - for £25,000, you or your company could fund a full time member of staff for one year to develop links with the community and design workshops and outreach activities. This would include employer liability, pension contributions and National Insurance. Your name or company logo would be on their business cards and on all correspondence and materials produced during their tenure.

  5. Visit the science centre - you annual family pass (£20) or bubble ticket (£7.50) help cover the costs of consumables and administration. When you book your tickets, you can also give a donation. Since reopening, 29 people have donated £113.50 between September and December 2020.

  6. Buy a Cheltenham Lottery ticket - you can now support us by buying tickets for the Cheltenham Lottery through our page. We will get 50p for every £1 you spend and you could win! We have already raised £338 in this way. Thank you.