The Aston Project


We have been working with the young people at the Aston Project since we started. The young people have been keen volunteers at some of our public events including at Nature in Art and at the Children's Festival.

Thanks to funding from the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner, we have been running after-school sessions to support these young people as they work towards gaining science qualifications at school.

We have explored microscopes

We have investigated springs

We have experimented with chromatography 

Way back in 2015, some of the young people formed a focus group to help us form our initial plans.

As part of Takeover Day 2015,
our helpful team of Science Centre Design Consultants visited At-Bristol

Science Centre on Saturday 21st November.

The children, aged 9-14, evaluated all the different zones and one live show. They gave us ideas for a science centre in Cheltenham.

Thank you to the PCSOs from the Aston Project who brought the children along, everybody learnt a lot and had some fun too.

Read our press release for more information